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Welding Certification: What Does it Mean to Me?

When you look for a fabrication partner, it’s important to verify if their welders are AWS certified. At Distefano, we ensure quality is “welded-in” by our team of certified welders who are capable of meeting the latest welding requirements.

What does certification mean to you – the customer?

An AWS Certified company:  Cares enough about what it does that it is willing to invest the necessary resources to put a quality management system into place:

  •  Is willing to have someone else come in and look at what they are doing
  •  Is qualified and committed to fabricate the weldments to required specifications, which results in fewer nonconformance to the customer.
  •  Has customers with the assurance of an above-average fabricator (aws.org)

DTM has numerous certified welders on its staff to providing you with the best product possible.