Behlen Mfg. Co.


When we know what our customer requires:

1. We have determined our process and are capable of fulfilling customer requirements

2. We ensure the process operator has the necessary resources (e.g., training, material, equipment, and adequate documentation)

3. We audit to find opportunities to get better at what we do

4. Process checks to assure consistent and continued capability and performance are built into the process and the process operator knows immediately if there is a deficiency. The process auditor provides that independent perspective that promotes “why” or “why not” questions that are critically evaluated for performance improvement opportunities

5. When we make a change, we are confident that the change more strongly supports our philosophy of “meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations.” Interested in ISO benchmarking? Give Rex Woods, DTM Process Assuurance Director, a call at

Choose your Grain Bin Size

Big Bin SeriesM40 - M48 (131'-157' dia)Commercial SeriesM15 - M32 (49'-105' dia)Stiffened SeriesM9 - M15 (29'-49' dia)Unstiffened SeriesM5 - M15 (16' 5"-49' 3" dia) Our bins are offered in a multitude of sizes to ensure we will have the bin you need to meet your storage requirements.