Behlen Mfg. Co.


Inventory Control

These are the two words in manufacturing that can either make money or lose it. When it comes to inventory control here are a few questions for you to consider: is your inventory at the level it needs to be to provide superior customer service? What is the cost to order?

Time and money ‐ it takes time to calculate order quantities, do paperwork, check in the stock, and pay someone to handle these time‐consuming duties. It also adds costs to keep inventory on hand. How much is the cost to buy inventory based on how long you plan to keep it? What are the turns you expect? What would be the ROI if it wasn’t tied up in inventory?

We at DTM can help with all of the above. We work with customers daily to deliver what they need and when they need it so they can focus on their core competencies. With our expanded warehouse, we can act as your 3PL. Give us a call and let’s talk inventory control.

Choose your Grain Bin Size

Big Bin SeriesM40 - M48 (131'-157' dia)Commercial SeriesM15 - M32 (49'-105' dia)Stiffened SeriesM9 - M15 (29'-49' dia)Unstiffened SeriesM5 - M15 (16' 5"-49' 3" dia) Our bins are offered in a multitude of sizes to ensure we will have the bin you need to meet your storage requirements.