Behlen Mfg. Co.

Today, our 160,000 sq. ft., Omaha, Nebraska facility signals a commitment of BTM to provide improved efficiency, better customer service and more key advantages for our customers to flourish for years to come!

BTM fabricates more than 1,000 different metal components for various industries including commercial turf care, agricultural, construction, transportation, medical, and telecommunications. In addition, we continue to develop new areas of opportunities to expand.

Founded in 1972 by Carl A. Distefano, Distefano Technology & Manufacturing (DTM) has evolved into one of the leading suppliers of precision tooling, machined steel components, and custom fabricated metal parts in the Midwest.

In January 2008, following a long-term relationship of over 20 years, Behlen Mfg. Co. acquired Distefano, adding more capacity and more capability to both companies. Behlen, which was founded in 1936, is a global manufacturer exporting to more than 70 countries.

We've combined the knowledge, talent, and craftsmanship of the BTM team with the resources, diversity, and purchasing power of the Behlen organization. The results are improved efficiency, better customer service and more key advantages for our customers.


Tony Raimondo, Jr.
Tony Raimondo, Jr. CEO of Distefano Technology & Manufacturing
Brian Turner, VP
Brian Turner, VP Vice President and General Manager
George Rubino
George Rubino Controller
Rex Woods
Rex Woods Process Assurance
Ken Fencl
Ken Fencl Sales Manager


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